Política de Proteção de Privacidade

Privacy Policy

Basic principles

We attach great importance to the problem of privacy of the Users of docplanner.com.br. As the controller, ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. ensures the security of the data provided to our Company. This data is specially protected and secured against access of unauthorised persons. The rules of privacy at docplanner.com.br are available to all the interested parties.

The docplanner.com.br website is open. One of the main services of the website is the possibility to publish and disseminate information and opinions on medical Professionals and Establishments, and for this reason their data is commonly available to all entities using the Internet and may be indexed by browsers.

Rules of processing operational data

The information contained in system logs, resulting from general rules of Internet connections (e.g. IP address), are used by docplanner.com.br for technical purposes related to the administration of our servers. Apart from this, IP addresses are used for collecting general, statistical demographic information (e.g. about the region from which a connection originates). docplanner.com.br uses cookies in order to provide services and content adjusted to the individual needs and interests. In some cases the identification and the related individualised (personalised) access to the websites are based on cookies, but most often at least one user authorisation with a password per session is necessary. Disabling cookies in the browser usually does not prevent the use of our services, but may cause some difficulties. Cookies are also used for collecting general, statistical information on the use of our websites by users.

Data required during registration:

In the registration form the following data is required: e-mail address (login), password, first name (names), surname, year of birth, sex, postal code, province, city/town of residence and signature as well as a one-time code activating the Account.

Professionals are also required to give the number of medical licence and personal identification number. Persons who practice a medical profession without a licence should send a scan of a diploma confirming their qualifications and a scan of an ID card. The numbers and scans thus obtained are only used for confirming the rights of Professionals.

Disclosed User data:

Opinions published by the User are marked with the signature adopted at the time of the registration. No other information on users is publically disclosed.

Data disclosed in the Professional’s Profile:

The Professional’s Profile shows all the information provided during registration, with the exception of the date of birth, e-mail address (login), password and account-activating code. In addition, other data optionally provided by the Professional are also displayed, in particular contact details and opening hours. Each profile also contains a list of opinions and an average score.

Data required when arranging appointments with physicians:

When making an appointment with a physician it is necessary to give the first name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and in some cases personal identification number. This data will be displayed to the physician with which the appointment is made and possibly to the reception desk of his/her establishment. It is forbidden to fill the “information for physician” field with information on the health condition; this field should only be used for providing technical information on the appointment with the physician.

Personal data

The controller of the personal data provided by Users and Professionals is ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Poland, ul. Kolejowa 5/7 (01-217 Warsaw). ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. processes personal data in a manner compliant with the applicable provisions of the law, according to the rules specified in the Privacy Policy of docplanner.com.br, in particular regarding the appropriate data security.

ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. processes personal data of Users or Professionals within the scope necessary for initiation, forming content, change, termination and correct performance of services provided by electronic means. Upon consent of the Professional, ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. processes his/her data to a larger extent than obligatorily required during Professional registration.

The data provided by the User or Professional are processed for purposes related with the use of services provided on the docplanner.com.br website, and upon their consent may be processed by ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. for statistical and marketing purposes.

Content Published by Users and Physicians

Opinions and information published on the Profiles of medical Professionals and Establishments are visible to the general public.

Data Storing and Protection

The personal data of users is stored in a database in which technical and organisational means were applied ensuring the protection of the data processed in accordance with the requirements specified in the provisions on the protection of personal data, including the ordinance of the Minister of Interior and Administration of 29 April 2004 on documenting the processing of personal data and technical and organisational requirements to be met by devices and IT systems used for processing personal data (Journal of Laws No. 100, item 1024) and the guidelines of the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data. Only the Administrators with special authorisations from ZnanyLekarz (the data controller) have access to the base.

Right to verify, modify and delete personal data. Limitations.

At any time, Users and Professionals have the right to review his/her data and may update or delete it. In order to prevent repeated registration of persons whose participation in docplanner.com.br was ended due to unacceptable uses of our services, we may refuse to delete data necessary for the purpose of blocking such repeated registration. The legal basis for such refusals is Art. 19 par. 2 point 3 in relation to par. 21 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204, as amended). A refusal to delete data also takes place in cases provided for in the provisions of law.

In situations when the provisions of law allow to do so, ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. may also share a part of the personal data of a User or Professional with third parties for the purposes related with the protection of copyrights (or other rights), but solely upon a written request (or on the basis of a cooperation agreement with ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. concerning such sharing of data). An entity submitting such a request has an obligation to prove that it has financial copyrights (or other rights) to the content/product/service. There also must be a suspicion that these rights have been infringed. ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. may also share the collected personal data at a request from or upon consent from a User or at a demand from the state bodies authorised to do so by the law. Electronic mail directed to ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. is archived and may in some cased by used for evidence purposes.

Links to other Internet Sites

ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable for the privacy policy applied by the owners or administrators of websites to which the links placed on docplanner.com.br direct. We encourage you to read the privacy protection disclaimers published on the websites collecting personal data. The User or Professional assumes full responsibility for the contents published on the website to which a link that he/she places on docplanner.com.br directs.

Information Sent to Users or Professionals

ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. reserves its right to send to all the users electronic mail containing notifications on important changes in docplanner.com.br. ZnanyLekarz Sp. z o.o. may send commercial electronic mail, especially advertisements and other content constituting commercial information, provided that the User or Professional gave his/her consent. Advertisements and other content constituting commercial information may also be attached to incoming and outcoming mail of the system account.